About Us

Miller’s Power Wash is a mobile wash service that specializes in a variety of exterior cleaning applications. Established in 1994 we bring over twenty years of cleaning experience to your property.

Throughout our history we have developed innovative and effective cleaning techniques to ensure the proper cleaning of building exteriors. We utilize varying water temperatures, appropriate water agitation and safe chemicals which produce impressive results. In addition to effective cleaning techniques we incorporate a consistent drive level which focuses on the task at hand with customer satisfaction the final result. We maintain a high level of standards while conducting our business in a professional manner.

Regarding state and federal insurance mandates we exceed limits of coverage and maintain compliance with workmen’s compensation audits. Safety protocols are followed to protect customers’ investments. You can rest assure that we will take every necessary step to protect and enhance your dwelling.

Our first priority is you, the customer.

We believe that pressure washing is one of the most cost effective ways for a homeowner or a business owner to increase the value of their property. Miller’s Power wash encourages you to contact one of its experienced operators to help preserve your property today.

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