House Washing / Business Exteriors

After periods of aging, a home or business exterior will gradually deteriorate. Miller’s Power Wash offers its customer’s a safe and effective way for restoring their properties to like-new condition. By improving the appearance of your home or business you’ll be able to experience all of the value and added benefits that a clean dwelling has to offer.

Miller’s Power Wash offers a unique and most effective cleaning service that will beautify your home or business. The unique three-stage process will remove mildew, oxidation, soil, grease, and other unwelcome residues. Depending on your particular needs, we use a combination of industrial proven cleaning solvents, high pressure agitation, and varying water temperatures to ensure a result that’s attractive and residue free.

You can rest assured that we’ll take every necessary step to protect and enhance your dwelling when in our care. Our first priority is to you, the customer. Some cleaning services include:

  • Masonry (Brick Work)
  • Stone Work
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Painted Siding (Paint Removal and Preparation)
  • Gutters, Soffit, Siding
  • Dryvit/Stucco
  • Gutter Clean Outs
  • Windows