Deck Cleaning

There is nothing that looks better than a clean and transparent stained natural wood deck. However, to achieve and maintain this look there is the time consuming, labor intensive, and tedious act of performing the deck maintenance.

Decks, whether natural wood or composite, will attract algae, mildew stains, leaf stains, and other non-welcomed residues. The appropriate way to clean the decks is to use the correct solution and pressure (some composite decks call for special chemicals to avoid warranty fault – Miller’s Power Wash is well aware of these factors). After the correct cleaning chemicals are applied a low-pressure hot water wash is most effective to thoroughly clean the decking. It is important to understand the importance of correct pressure used. To high pressure and you will unravel the grain in a wood deck or mar the composite wood – All technicians are trained in this procedure.

After a thorough cleaning and preparation, the homeowner can choose a sealer (transparent, semi-transparent, or solid color stain). Some of our clients choose to stain the wood themselves after we have properly completed the heavy prep work.