An Overview Of Commercial Power Washing In Cincinnati

The appearance of the exterior of your property is important for aesthetic reasons, as well as value of the property. Are you looking for details about commercial power washing in Cincinnati? Do you need power washing services in Batesville, Indiana; Indianapolis, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio and all cities in between. Miller’s Power Wash is a mobile wash service which provides many exterior cleaning tasks throughout our service area. Since our establishment in 1994, we have been providing more than a quarter century of cleaning experience.

During our years in operation we consistently have stayed up-to-date on effective and innovative techniques for exterior cleaning. We use a range of services with different water temperatures, the right level of water agitation and chemicals which are safe, but still ensure amazing results. We also ensure a consistent focus on the task at hand. We want to be certain that every customer receives full value for the money and is satisfied with the final result.

Safety is a key focus on every job which we complete. We exceed coverage limits on all federal and state insurance mandates. We are in compliance with Workmen’s Compensation audits. We follow all safety protocols to protect our customers’ investments as well as our own employees. We also are aware of the importance of protecting the customers’ investment in property and landscaping. We believe that pressure washing tactics are a cost effective way to business owners or home owners to enhance their property value. One of our experienced professionals will be happy to work with you to develop ways to preserve and beautify your property.

Different exterior surfaces require different products and techniques to achieve satisfactory results. Concrete, for example, is a porous material and tends to hold mold, dirt, algae and petroleum products in the crevices. With concrete, scrubbing and over-the-counter products may not be effective for maximum cleaning. Our techniques have been proven effective at releasing the unwanted materials to be washed away.

When you contact us for our washing services, you will not have to spend tedious time on ensuring that your building’s exterior presents the best appearance possible. Our experience, techniques and equipment provide the best results at the lowest possible cost. We are aware of the importance of the environment, so our eco-friendly cleaning agents are always the product of choice.

When you need the expertise of a power washing service in Cincinnati, Miller’s Power Wash has solutions. Call 812-871-8649 for a free quote today!


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